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Courses Offered

Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property (IPPro)
Student Fee: 5501.16 (4662 + 18% GST)
Industry & others Fee: 7500.08 (6356 + 18% GST )
About the Course:
The modules deal with introductions to Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Designs, Geographical Indications, TKDL, Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR), Plant Variety Rights (PVR) and Trade Secrets. The Course also acquires a significant International Law dimension with the adoption ... Read More

Online Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Rights & Competition Law (IPComp)
Student Fee: 6500.62 (5509 + 18% GST)
Industry & others Fee: 8500.72 (7204 + 18% GST )
About Course
In recent years, Intellectual Property has spawned a new wave of technological innovations, leading to rapid economic growth and development. As businesses grow and attract competition, the need to understand Intellectual Property, Competition Law and its interface becomes even m... Read More

Online certificate Course on IP protection and commercialization (IPProComm)
Student Fee: 10500.82 (8899 + 18% GST)
Industry & others Fee: 13500.38 (11441 + 18% GST )
About Course:
With technological innovations gaining increasing importance, intellectual property is now considered the real wealth of a nation. This shift of the centre of wealth - from tangible to intangible assets - has redefined the role of IP in today’s economy, making it the most impo... Read More

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  • Exhaustive and comprehensive online programs

  • Course contents designed by and inputs received from leading IP experts

  • IP forum-to address your queries

  • Practical learning experience through webinars & online lectures

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